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Vadi - breeder of Anatolians in New Zealand

An owner and lover of German Shepherds for many years we started to research for a more suitable breed to fit in with our move to the land and lifestyle of small block farming. We had seen the Anatolian once before and were taken with the breed when one wandering down the road put her head in our car window when we stopped to greet her owner. After researching the breed and talking to a breeder we put our name down on her waiting list. In march 2002 we got the news that we had a puppy.

Chief brought us joy, love, frustration and lots and lots of learning and laughter. He had cattle dogs for company but when we imported our next Anatolian Bebe a light came on in his eyes. The breed had all but died out in NZ with only a handful of older dogs left, the last litter born in New Zealand was later in 2002. It was with the help of John and Anne of Asalet kennels in the UK who were willing to help a first time breeder to reintroduce the breed back to New Zealand with their lovely boy Cesur Ruslik des Shumagins of Asalet . Cesur and Bebe produced the first litter to be born here in over a decade and it was so worth the effort to see these puppies go to their new homes both working and companion. Kubra from this litter we have kept and with the help and encouragement from others we began to show, something I never imagined but have really enjoyed and was so proud when she became NZ Champion.

We have also kept two of Kubras puppies from the mating from American and Intl ChampionTamoora's Night Prowler.

We have new imported bloodlines sourced from working and show lines from long standing reputable kennels and will be breeding the occasional litter for others to have the opportunity to own one of these magnificent dogs.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a rare and ancient breed from Turkey bred to guard livestock. They are used worldwide today to guard their flock and for loyal family companion. They bond with the big or small and can be very gentle with the young or old.

A large and powerful dog, loyal and intelligent but also strong willed and sometimes stubborn they require early socilaization and may not be suitable for first time dog owners.

We abide by the NZKC rules and regulations and also test our dogs hips and elbows before breeding. The males we have specially chosen for our females have passed all health tests and are chosen for health, temperament, conformation and being true to what an Anatolian Shepherd dog should be.

The Anatolian is a special dog and it is a privilege to own and know one.